OpenCon: Changing Culture

We are podcasting the question and answer section of the live broadcast ECS did of the OpenCon satellite event held at the 232nd ECS Meeting in Oct. of 2017.

ECS OpenCon was a community event aimed at creating a culture of change in how research is designed, shared, discussed, and disseminated, with the ultimate goal of making scientific progress faster.

ECS was the first scholarly society to host an OpenCon satellite event
The participants for this Q&A, in the order you’ll hear them speak, are:

Ashley Farley, open access program associate, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,
Nick Shockey, director of programs and engagement, SPARC,
Dina Paltoo, director, Division of Scientific Data Sharing Policy, Office of Science Policy,
National Institutes of Health,
Dan Schwartz, director, Clean Energy Institute, University of Washington,
Meredith Morovati, executive director, Dryad Digital Repository,
Brian Nosek, co-founder, Center for Open Science


ECS OpenCon on YouTube…4rGFUbcNFvmPqjlmM

SPARC – organizers of OpenCon

OpenCon 2017

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