Harold J. Read: Bell Labs, Evolution of Electronics, Future of Electrochemistry - Part 6

In 1995, ECS and the Chemical Heritage Foundation worked to compile various oral histories of some of the biggest names in electrochemical and solid state science. The series documents personal perspectives of key figures in ECS and the scientific community as a whole.

One key figure is Harold J. Read. Renowned for his work in Metallurgy, Read converted his private working space into a military metal shop to assist in work on the Manhattan Project during World War II.

In this final installation of Read’s series, listen as this pillar of electrochemistry discusses the connection between ECS and Bell Labs, with facts about esteemed scientist Bruce Hannay and Robert Burns. Additionally, Read discusses the state of electrochemical science as of 1995, his “Poohbah syndrome,” and the limits of electrochemistry.

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